Mercury Retrograde, Back Up! Off to The Farm

Note:  In early to mid-May the planet Mercury went retrograde.  According to astrologers, when Mercury is retrograde, communication and travel are filled with mishaps and misunderstandings. In my experience the worst days are those when the planet comes to a stop (its energy becomes stagnant) and then slowly reverses its direction, retracing its steps.  During this time I head for Nashville.

On Sunday morning , after 4 hours of sleep and a raucous melt- down on my daughter (sorry in part) I start to pack for my 2 weeks at The Farm, thinking I have 2 hours until Chinyere arrives to take me to National Airport. The phone rings and I was wrong, I had only 1 hour before I was to be picked up.  I throw everything summer in the only bag in the house (it weighs about 1,000 pounds empty), and did a few things, and headed to the parking lot.

Off to National Airport at 9:00 am for an 11:00 am flight. With the help of a good friend and an AARP discount, I had gotten a standby ticket to Nashville but I had to fly first to Milwaukee and then to Nashville (the anti-Magellan theory of travel).  When I arrived at National Airport there were many vacant seats left on the flight; by flight time every seat was filled and I was left behind.  The next flight was about 5:00 PM with arrival in Nashville at close to midnight.

So, I grabbed a Super Shuttle bus for BWI and a Southwest Airline flight. I arrived 30 minutes before the flight was to leave and got to pay a one-way fare equal to a round fare if I had bought it a week ago.  The clerk said to me, “If you would like Business Select Class you can upgrade for only $20.” Uh, “Sure”, I thought and paid the extra money.  I skipped through security dreaming of myself in a wide seat drinking a tall rum and coke(s).  Of course when I get on the plane I am informed that according to Southwest, Business Class entitles you to choose the seat where two other folks will squish into you and you get one free drink on the plane.

When I arrive in Nashville, my bag arrives with the pull handle broken off. I drag it like a dead stegosaurus to the airlines office, only to be told that airlines are no longer responsible for broken handles, wheels, and just about everything else “suitcase related”.

I go outside to wait for my ride to The Farm, a 70-mile car ride, only to discover my phone had not been working inside the Airport and my ride had been waiting for me for almost 30 minutes. Thank goodness, Carole Nelson’s husband, Donald, is a patient man!

Finally, into the car and off for the last leg of this trip. A wonderful ride while the storm clouds followed us down the road and I and kept waiting for a cow to fly across the road like in “Twister”.

I took some photos along The Farm main road as Don gave me an update on things that have happened recently. Diego, the blind horse died; there is a new dome constructed for group meetings near The Farm Store; my friend Gwenelle died.

Into Carole’s wonderful home for a delicious dinner, then a brief conversation about the plans for the next 2 weeks. I head to bed and discover that my cell phone charger has broken, but I brought the car phone charger thing with me. But my laptop works on Carole’s WIFI.

Why I am not feakin’ out? Reason #1- last week I heard Steve Harvey give a bit of advice, "If you have a negative outlook, you will have a negative outcome."  I am living the opposite of that statement.  I am on an Adventure of My Life with Good Friends and Sisters!!