In my many years of being a midwife and doula, I've worked with hundreds of families and have provided care in many ways. Below are a few wonderful things these many mothers, fathers and family members have said about me and my work.

“I was blessed with Mama Claudia as my midwife for my last two babies. She is the guardian angel of my births! If my husband and I had another baby, I couldn't imagine her not being part of the experience. I love how she always respected our wishes; I love that our older children were always included and felt welcome in the prenatal and birthing process; I love, most importantly, that she showed she cared and loves what she does! Our family loves mama Claudia!” –S.R.L.

“She stood with me through 4 days of natural labor, respected and advocated for my choices, and ultimately helped me make some of the hardest decisions I had to make in order to preserve the best possible outcome for both my baby and me. She was a relief for both my husband and me during the long process of labor. I am eternally grateful to Claudia for being my fierce advocate and my rock!" –M.S.

“My son had the soothing, sweet introduction into the world I’d envisioned during my pregnancy, with music, water, and good vibrations all around. Claudia did everything right on time. She poured water on me, massaged my sacrum, told me to turn on all fours, sang so sweetly, and gave me personalized advice throughout labor!” –L.S. & H.S

“I recommend Claudia Booker to anyone wanting to give birth fully informed and prepared, with an expert birth facilitator and advocate by their side. With Claudia, you are literally hiring a certified professional midwife to act as your birth doula. You are getting someone who has nearly 900 births under her belt (maybe more now) – an incredible store of knowledge and experience. She is simply amazing.” –L.M.

“I was very pleased when Claudia put my wishes into action when she arrived at my home for my labor. I was impressed with her ability to maneuver quietly in the dark around my home. I remember asking if she wanted to turn on the lights so that she could see, but she refused because my comfort was her first priority.” –T. & D.G.O.

“When I was diagnosed with preeclampsia, and induced 3 weeks early, I was scared. With only 2­hours of sleep from attending another birth, Claudia came to the hospital to support us for over 14 hours with knowledge, encouragement and warmth. When the doctors came and went, Claudia asked questions, interpreted their language, and helped us make medical intervention decisions that we had not prepared for. After our child’s birth, I didn’t want Claudia to go.” –M. A. A. B.

“Claudia worked seamlessly with our midwives and was great with Mom, helping her find new positions to help the birth progress.  She was also helpful to Dad in suggesting different ways he could support Mom throughout labor.  She did this all without inhibiting the intimacy of the experience for us.  She was always calm, yet assertive, with a positive, cheerful demeanor. She gave us time and space when we needed it, but was right there when we had a question, needed encouragement, or wanted a few lines from a song to help you through the moment!” –A.B.

“We highly recommend Claudia Booker to anyone looking for a midwife to deliver their baby. She truly cares about her clients and their birthing experience. She is a combination of everything a midwife should be: competent, nurturing, warm, honest, supportive, with exceptional medical expertise.” –P.M & D.M.

“I immediately knew Claudia was the one for our birth! She is intelligent, funny, and very grounded. I needed to feel a strong and powerful presence since I can get panicky in stressful situations, and I felt that with her. Her attention to family details, like names of children and pets, was comforting. She immersed herself in our family as she guided us through a momentous occasion.” –M.M.

“Claudia continues to follow-up with me post birth, answering questions and making sure I’m ok. We have really enjoyed getting to know her and working with her through pregnancy and birth. If you want a midwife who is honest, knows her stuff, and has TONS of experience, Claudia is your gal!!!” –L.L.

“From the moment we spoke with Claudia, we knew she had a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to help us through our first birth! Throughout our pregnancy, she was always available and addressed all of our concerns. Claudia informed us about many resources: classes, massage therapists, and natural alternatives. On our birth day, she arrived early and offered strength, guidance, joy, and laughter as we brought our little one into the world.” –M & N. M.

“Claudia is like family, and offers so much comfort during a wild experience! I'd recommend her to anyone, as long as their births don't coincide with any of mine. Claudia has to be available for our next baby, if we choose to have another! Yes, I'm selfish, and want her all to myself *wink” –C.R.

“It helped SO much having Claudia at the hospital, knowing she was looking out for our interests. She walked me through the c-section process so I knew what to expect, which made it easier and less frightening when I had to go through it." –R.A. & P.R.

“Claudia helped my husband and me feel safe, prepared, and excited for the birth of our first baby. As soon as we found out we were pregnant again, she was one of our first calls. Her lovely spirit, direct communication style, and wealth of knowledge and resources (people, books, DVDs, etc.) made her an indispensable ally. And so did her people connections. She knows the who's who and connects you to the right people right away.” –A.R. & S.R.

“Throughout our entire pregnancy, she was incredibly available—always willing to meet with us and address any of our concerns. Claudia is fantastic too for knowing about other resources for pregnant couples—classes, massage therapists, and natural alternatives." —M. P. & N.M.

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