Placental Encapsulation

We mamas are mammals, and mammals benefit from consuming their placenta after they give birth. Placenta contains biological elements (vitamins, minerals and hormones) that are unique to your body. A natural adrenal enhancer, placenta replenishes your energy, as well as your emotional and physical reserves. It also eases the emotional rollercoaster of the early postpartum period, increases breast milk production, and decreases postpartum bleeding.

Placenta as medicine dates back centuries, with roots in traditional Chinese medicine. Today many birthing experts, including well-known herbalist, midwife and doctor, Aviva Jill Romm, recommend that women consume placenta to help the uterus return to its prenatal state and hasten healing.

Placenta Encapsulation Service

Upon your request, I will collect your placenta after birth and encapsulate it to provide you with weeks of hormonal support that will serve your unique needs during the postpartum period.   


I recommend 1 capsule, 2 times a day for the first 2 -3 weeks; thereafter, 1 capsule a day. Depending on your energy levels, you can adjust the dosage to your personal needs.


Store the pills in the back of the refrigerator once you stop taking them. Encapsulated placenta is an excellent hormonal support for PMS and menopause.


$275 with pick up/delivery

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Claudia’s placenta capsules truly helped with needed energy and drive after delivery.
— K.S.