Insurance Reimbursement for Doula and
Midwife Birth Assistant Services

Currently, approximately 30 health insurance carriers in the U.S. offer partial or complete third-party reimbursement for doula services. Doula services fall under the category of “out-of network” care provider services.  

Please know that it is the client’s responsibility to pay fully for doula services, and then seek reimbursement from the health insurance carrier. To help clients receive reimbursement, Birthing Hands has developed an invoice, a health care provider insurance claim form, and a cover letter that will be sent to you, upon request within 10 working days of the final post partum visit. 

If you intend to pursue reimbursement for doula services, you must:

  • Pay for your doula services in full
  • Complete your health insurance carrier's insurance reimbursement form
  • Submit the following documents to your insurance carrier:
    • Insurance reimbursement form
    • Letter from Birthing Hands
    • Birthing Hands receipt, detailing the services provided

If you receive a letter denying the claim, resubmit the same information for a secondary review by your health insurance provider and copy the information to the insurance company's chief executive officer (CEO) explaining why you feel this service should be covered. 

Reimbursement with a Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

The Federal Flexible Spending Account (FSA) is designed to reimburse you for medical and pharmaceutical costs not covered by traditional health insurance carriers. Recently, the Federal Flexible Spending Plan has allowed reimbursement for doula fees, and midwife birth assistant fees.

You may file a FSA reimbursement request for the cost of these services. With your request, send a copy of your Birthing Hands invoice that includes a scope of services description. 

For more detailed information about Health insurance and FSA coverage for Midwifery Services, please visit the Midwifery Services page.