Funding a Home Birth with a CPM

Home birth for many families is a financial investment that requires planning and sacrifice. Some families have been able to fund a home birth with their savings, and some have private health insurance carriers that reimburses for home birth services provided by a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM), although such private insurance carriers are limited.  

My suggestions for funding my home birth services:  

•Do your homework when choosing your private insurance carrier!   When you are starting a new job, carefully investigate which private insurance carrier provides reimbursement for home birth services with a CPM.  With your current employer, you have the ability to switch private insurance carriers each year, during  “Open Season” - this is the time to do your investigation and switch. Remember that pregnancy is no longer a pre-existing condition that can bar transfer of coverage.

•If you already have a private insurance carrier that reimburses for home birth service with a CPM, verify the amount of reimbursement coverage for out-of- network provider services. Reimbursement will be influenced by your deductible, co-pay, percentage of coverage, and insurance company’s determination of the rate of reimbursement it feels is reasonable. My administrator is available to contact your private health insurance carrier and verify your coverage for a small fee.  Please contact me and my assistant can do a private insurance verification for a small fee.

• Use your FSLA to pay for your midwifery prenatal visits and home birth. Recently, the Federal Flexible Spending Plan has allowed reimbursement for midwife birth services fees.  Please keep in mind that there are many variations of the FSLA, so please check with your particular FSLA regarding reimbursement eligibility. 

• If you are self paying, discuss an early full payment discount with your midwife. I offer an early payment discount of 10% if full payment is received by 28 weeks. 

• Take out a medical care loan. There are several medical care loan companies that will finance a home birth; each company has varying interest and repayment provisions. If you are interested in obtaining a loan please contact MedLoan Finance Company.  

• Combine health insurance carrier coverages.  Supplement your private health insurance coverage with your Health Savings Account (HSA); your HSA may cover services that are not covered by your private health insurance carrier.  Or consider coordinating benefits between all insurance companies under which you are covered.

• Solicit financial assistance from your religious community.  There may be several religious beneficial groups who provide financing of home births and other health care services for paying members of its groups.  One such group is The Good Samaritan Fund, a Christian, nonprofit organization that has facilitated the sharing of funds between its members who have medical needs since 1994.

• Solicit contributions from family and community members.  Be open to gladly accepting cash gifts towards your home birth instead of store bought items. College Fund Showers are becoming in vogue so why not a Home Birth Shower among your closest friends and family? They will feel honored to assist because remember: it takes a village!     

• Discuss a barter agreement for a portion of the home birth fee with your midwife. Many midwives are amenable to receiving in-kind services in exchange for partial payment.  However, usually these services need to be performed and completed prior to the birth of the baby.  I am amenable to bartering for a portion of my fee.