I wanted a doula who straddled the midwife homebirth natural approach and the western medical world. All roads quickly led to Claudia.
— A.H.

Doula Services

With a midwife as your laboring and birth support professional you can prepare for birth in ways that minimize fear, with a focus on open and continuous communication, continuity of care, informed choice and confidence and the use of technology when necessary. I offer personalized care customized to your unique needs during your pregnancy, labor, birth and post partum, integrating the benefits of holistic midwifery care that you desire in tandem with the technological birth support that you may also need. This option offers you the opportunity of embracing the power and possibility of integrative childbirth, in which my compassionate midwifery knowledge is combined with the technical expertise, if needed, which is only available in a hospital setting.  

I am employed by you and not the hospital. Her integrative childbirth services include a component that is distinctively different from “standard doula support”. Integrative childbirth care influenced by holistic midwifery incorporates a level of skill and knowledge about the pregnancy, labor, birth, post partum and newborn care that can only be acquired through many years of education and professional experience as an experienced primary care provider. 

Be an active participant in your birth experience 

The goal is to help you and your partner prepare for the birth you want and to help guide and assist you through the birth you prepared for that is centered on you and your baby’s needs. I am not a substitute for the support of your partner or other birth team members.  I bring my knowledge and expertise as a midwife and health care professional to provide hands-on physical, evidenced-based informational, and emotional support to you and your partner.

What to expect from your doula experience

My presence ensures that you and your partner fully understand the labor stages, what to expect, and how to communicate with the medical team. I also help to maintain calm in sometimes emotionally difficult situations.  I am trained to provide support, offer soothing comfort techniques to ease labor's discomfort and aid the safe progress of labor, give a caring, yet objective, overview garnered from my experience serving as a midwife and birthing care professional. Most importantly, I never leave you while you are in labor, as medical staff must often do as they attend to other patients requiring their medical attention.

We will get to know one another and discuss your birth preferences; I will provide you with a list of books and DVDs you can borrow, and help you develop your customized birth preference plan.  We will meet for two prenatal home visits, usually scheduled for the 32nd and 36th weeks. You will have 24-hour on-call telephone and email support to answer any questions about your pregnancy, upcoming birth and post partum periods.

I will "labor sit" with you by telephone during early labor to offer reassurance, informational, emotional, and physical support and provide guidance on the signs and symptoms of early labor and offer coping and comfort technique suggestions.  Once labor is established I will be with you to provide evidence-based information and use a wide variety of techniques to ease labor discomfort.

At your birthing location I will remain with you throughout labor and birth and provide emotional, physical, and evidence-based informational support on various position changes, comfort and relaxation techniques, on the labor and birth process; provide understandable explanations of various medical techniques; implement the birth preference plan that you developed during your pregnancy; facilitate discussions with your doctor/midwife and the medical staff; and provide support and guidance in outlining alternatives if changing the birth preference plan becomes your choice. 

After your baby is born, I will stay with you for a minimum of one hour to help you initiate lactation/breastfeeding and bonding; provide information on hospital resources and other resources for newborn and post partum care, and lactation/breastfeeding support services. 

In addition, I will visit you once at your home within 3-7 days after the birth of your baby and will provide telephone and email support as needed for up to two weeks post partum. To your post partum visit I can bring your placenta capsules and customized herbal sitz bath (for an additional fee). 

Optional services

Additional services that I can provide include: custom-made herbal sitz baths for postpartum perineal recuperation, and placenta encapsulation; as well as a list of providers supplemental services, such as chiropractic care, acupuncture, therapeutic massage and post partum doula services that may be helpful to you and your partner, addressing your prenatal and postpartum needs and those of your new baby. 

Hospital service area

I provide doula services at the following hospitals: George Washington Un. Hospital, Georgetown Un. Hospital, Washington Hospital Center, Sibley Hospital, and Arlington Hospital; and for home birth families throughout the Washington DC, northern Virginia and Maryland area.

I also offer a Doula Services package for those who anticipate or plan for a C-section birth.

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Claudia was the secret sauce that made my life changing VBAC possible.
— M.S.