Doula Service Package for a Planned C-Section Birth

Enjoy the calming, nurturing and knowledgeable support of an experienced care provider and doula even in a hospital or surgical setting.  I offer a care package to make a C-section birth choice less stressful for you and your partner. 

This service includes:

  • One (1) complimentary introductory visit.
  • Use of the Birthing Hands lending library of books and videos.
  • Develop a customized C-section birth preference plan.
  • 24-hour on-call telephone support from hiring date. From that moment, Claudia is available by phone or email to answer any questions about your pregnancy and upcoming birth. 
  • Attend two (2) prenatal home visits, usually scheduled for the 32nd and 36/37th weeks. The first session includes discussion of the anatomy and physiology of pregnancy at this stage and strategies for coping with any discomforts, nutrition, exercise, sleeping techniques, your birth preference plan, and basic breastfeeding information. The second visit, usually scheduled between 36th/37th weeks, includes discussion of the anatomy and physiology of pregnancy at this stage and strategies for coping with any discomforts, what to take to the hospital, C-section delivery procedures and your hospital stay (with a video presentation), and how to plan for your recovery.
  • On the day of the scheduled C-section, meet you and your partner at the hospital. Provide physical and emotional support, information on the labor and birth process, and understandable explanations of various medical techniques and procedures involved with the C-section procedure and the recovery, help you get acclimated, facilitate communication between you and the hospital staff, and prepare your partner to join you in the O.R. Once you are in the recovery room, join you to provide emotional, physical or informational support for you and your partner. Help you initiate lactation/breastfeeding and bonding, provide information on hospital resources and other resources for new baby care, post partum care, and breastfeeding support services. Remain at the hospital for the post partum period for no more than 3 hours and take your placenta for placenta encapsulation.
  • Call you once while you are still in the hospital. 
  • Visit you once within 7 days after you return home to provide advice and referral information on infant care, post partum C-section mother care, bonding, lactation/breastfeeding, and other issues.
  • Provide telephone and email support as needed for up to two weeks post partum.
  • Encapsulate your placenta and prepare a customized herbal sitz bath for perineal recuperation and bring them to you on the post partum visit (for an additional fee).
  • Provide referrals for supplemental services that may be helpful to you and your partner, addressing your prenatal and postpartum needs and those of your new baby.

A customized Birth Doula Package can be designed to meet your individual or family needs, lifestyle and cultural birthing preferences.