Just One More Day of Faith

My daughter wakes me at 7:00 a.m. and I coax her into my bed for 5 minutes. We review the house rules, but it is really my excuse for having an opportunity to make sure I tell her how proud I am to be her mother. She hates it when I am mushy!!!! I take care of last minute business thing, again call SA Airways and Doris arrives to drive me to Dulles. We look at all of the stuff.  I tell her that I have plans: Plan A—take all of the stuff to the airport and hope for the best; Plan B—take just the 2 bags and 1 bin to the airport and give the other bin to the Haitian refugee relief campaign. Doris quietly says, “Claudia just go on faith, don’t’ get caught up on doubt now.”

At the airport we unload EVERYTHING. We stand there like supplicant elders with copies of the records of my communication with SA Airways requesting  a waiver.  They weigh the bags: 33 lbs, 37 lbs; bins: 50 lbs and 25 lbs; carry-on 23 lbs. Baba OJ was right on the mark!

So SA agreed to allow us to stuff everything in the 2 bags from the bin #2 and remove the excess weight from my carry-on and just pay 1 excess baggage fee of $125.00!

The  SA  Airways Airbus  is one of the biggest commercial planes in the world, but the seats are still designed for leprechauns.

But the movies!!! Being a birth worker, I am on call 24/7, and I rarely get to the movies for fear my phone will vibrate and I will have to leave in the middle of it or I will not feel my phone vibrate and will miss a birth.  But on this plane there are BEAUCOUPS movies and while other passengers sleep I watch almost a year of movies!  I sat back to watch: Public Enemies; Marley and Me; Darjeeling Express; and MJ This Is It twice. Quiet as kept it, I didn’t sing out loud but I did my MJ moves in my seat. When I was  leaving the plane two of the flight attendants commented on them.

Nap time.