Journey of a lifetime

About 10 months ago a Midwife-Sista-Healer began talking about her dream—for a group of African Diasporic midwives and midwifery students and apprentices to go work in a clinic in Senegal together. There have been a few such trips to various places in Africa, put on by ICTC and other groups, but not to Senegal. Za"Yn and I dreamed and worked on this idea and found an extraordinary midwife to precept the trip. With the generous cooperation of the African Birth Collective, who has a long term-relationship with clinics in Senegal and providing excellent midwifery care though its program, we were able to to arrange a trip for us Sistas. Yes, Zayan birthed this trip and I got to be the midwife! So, on January 22 (through February 16) we leave on a trip of a lifetime. Za"Yn Muhammad Manna,  Jessica Johnson and Makeka Kamara, our preceptor, and me. Hopefully Nikki Plaskett will be able to join us for a while. We are headed to work in a small clinic in Kafountine, Casamance, Senegal.

Can you imagine us—who have studied and read of maternal health issues in Africa— having a chance to contribute our hands, minds and hearts to our sisters. To be with Makeda who has lived African midwifery and is a warrior for intra-partum and post-partum women's care. And UmmSalaamah Sondra Abdullah-Zaimah is in Ghana to explore opportunities for ICTC to have a clinical site.

Makes my heart break into song, "I love being a midwife deep down in my soul..."

I am starting on a very long journey to become a great, caring and well trained midwife; but it begins with this first step.