Claudia worked seamlessly with the midwives and was great with mom, helping her find new positions to help the birth progress. She was also helpful to dad in suggesting different ways he could support mom throughout labor
— A.B.

Birthcare Birth Assistant Services

As your BirthCare midwife birth assistant, I am responsible to the midwife, serving as her second pair of hands, and assist her in many ways, including:  

  • Setting up the birth supplies
  • Monitoring yours and the baby’s vital signs
  • Assisting the midwife with various procedures 
  • Providing immediate post partum lactation/breastfeeding support
  • Providing postpartum care after the birth
  • Providing support to the midwife during potential emergencies that may arise

As a home birth midwife (CPM), I am trained and qualified to actively assist your midwifery team.

I pride myself on being a “ninja birth assistant,” and perform my services for you as unobtrusively as possible. My goal is to learn about your specific birth preferences, your family, and your home and to ensure that you have the birthing experience you envisioned. 

Because I am a certified birth doula, I am available to you and your birth team, to provide guidance on physical comfort, informational support, and emotional support and suggestions to help your labor progress naturally and peacefully. However, please remember that a midwife birth assistant is not a doula.

Optional services

Additional services that I can provide include: custom-made herbal sitz baths for postpartum perineal recuperation, and placenta encapsulation; as well as a list of providers supplemental services, such as chiropractic care, acupuncture, therapeutic massage and doula services that may be helpful to you and your partner, addressing your prenatal and postpartum needs and those of your new baby. 

We can schedule a 1-hour, in-person, pre-hiring consultation to determine if I am the midwife birth assistant who will best meet your needs. We can meet at your home, at Birth Care, or at a mutually agreed upon location. If you prefer, we can also meet by phone. 

Click the link for a detailed description of my BirthCare midwife birth assistant services.