My wish is that Claudia will continue to bless others with her help, love, support, sense of humor and grace, and that it fulfills her soul as much as it did mine.
— J. L. D.

As a midwife, birthing partner and mother with more than a decade of child-birthing experience, I am often asked to comment on my work and share advice. Feel free to browse these samples below and learn more about my takes on birthing, postpartum care,and the state of midwifery and delivery around the world.

Black History Month 2019: Featuring Claudia Booker (from

CPM midwives are awesome! Both of my little ones were born at home and I learned, first-hand, how amazing they are. As a doula, I look up to them. They are protectors of space. Good midwives sit on their hands. They, also, have magical fingers and deeply-rooted knowledge. Their knowledge can help birthing mothers remarkably.

Claudia Speaks

NEW: I gave some practical advice to grandmothers in this lovely video by Tanya Upshur. 

I was a guest on the Midwives of Color Blog Talk Radio show. Listen to my interview, "In the Light of Birth" and visit their website to read more. 

I was featured in a report on Midwives from (the Australian Broadcasting Corporation) 

I was recently interviewed about my experience as a midwife and Doula for the "Business of Being Born" blog. An excerpt from my interview: 

Birth work is based on heart to heart; The client absolutely needs to find practitioners whose heart sings to her heart. But we have to let our clients know of all of their opportunities and then hope that they still come back to work with us. I believe it’s our job [as birth workers] to take this on so that we can work to enable every group, culture, and society to have the best birth they can while we fight for universal change.

I was invited on "The Whole Mother Show" to speak about my initiative to reduce disparities in birth outcomes - "The Grand Challenge", as well as my other work within the birthing community.

I was asked to share my strategies for a natural, safe, & comfortable delivery at the National Center for Wellness Natural Childbirth Summit

On "Claudia Speaks," I share my experiences of being a single mother and a doula.

I was a guest on the "Hail to the V" Podcast. 

Claudia in Print

I was interviewed about the dire state of maternity care in DC 

A Maternity Care Desert Threatens Lower Income Women in Washington, D.C.

I was interviewed by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation

A baby emerges, screaming, into the light

I discussed the benefits of Placenta Encapsulation in a Washington Post article

‘Are you going to eat that?’ When it comes to placenta, the answer is increasingly ‘yes’ 

Claudia Online

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I studied with Ina May Gaskin and the midwives at The Farm in Tennessee. Get insight into this institution and my studies there through The Farm blog.


In 2012, I completed an intensive apprenticeship at a high volume birth center in Senegal, West Africa. You can read about my journey on the Senegal blog

Claudia is an angel with her hands, her presence, and her support.
— J.B. & J.G.