Pre-Conception Counseling and IUI Services

For many the journey to birth often requires a bit more intention and planning than first imagined. As your care provider I offer professional and compassionate assistance preconception and intra uterine insemination (IUI) services for those seeking conception via donor, surrogacy and/or single parenting by choice.

My services include:

  • Initial preconception visit where we will review your medical, menstrual, and fertility history; and lab work or care plans from other providers
  • Fertility awareness education and counseling
  • In office fertility evaluations
  • Fertility charting review:
    • At initial visit
    • Monthly to optimize timing of insemination
  • IUI services in the comfort of your own home
  • Phone consultations at 24 hours, 2 and 3 weeks following IUI

One way to improve your fertility and likelihood of conception is to seek the advice of an herbalist who specializes in fertility care. Holly Poole-Kavana of Little Red Bird Botanicals offers personalized and targeted herbal support, in collaboration with my services, to prepare your body for conception and enhance your fertility

For a more comprehensive approach I also recommend the services of Kristin Kali, CPM of MAIA Midwifery and Fertility who is available for distance consulting while I provide the local IUI component of your services.  Kristin offers a wide array of fertility and preconception education and counseling resources that are available online.

For more detailed information on my service, read my brochure.